Who is Luis Yañez?

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Luis Yáñez Trujillo is an extraordinary dreamer. Its way of penetrating the mysteries with the passion that characterizes it, makes the "YANCUIC TEOMOXTLI" spill into the soul of every reader, the wisdom, love and glory of Quetzalcóatl.  "... I the one who was created by the brightness of Ometeotl's gaze ... the one who teaches, the one who makes us learn, the one who has the Magic Power of the Jade Snail and the five-pointed star ..." It is true that Luis Yáñez has done a splendid job of compiling and translating the "Teomoxtli", but it is being already a "Toltec" that allows the writer to make the pages of this book penetrate deeply into our being, "... painted for the multicolored hummingbird, in the bark of the sacred tree, in red and black, covered in snake skin and Quetzal feathers ... " Luis Yáñez also has the Jade Snail and he is a five-pointed star. He will continue to share with the world everything that his dreams allow him to "remember", and helping "... Let the Earth remain", that is his primary occupation. I can see him building his amaranth sandals and weaving his snake backpack, but there is also time for new books to write, and which will endorse the joy he offers us now with the “YANCUIC TEOMOXTLI”.