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Author and researcher of the Toltec and Mayan culture and true interpreter of the worldview and magic of these ancient cultures


This work is the product of a search, a study, a magical and mysterious find, as Mexico still is.

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1. As I came from the lights of heaven 2. I must return there 3. and as Teonanacatl 4. I must feed my people. 5. God is One. 6. Quetzalcóatl is his name. 7. Nothing demands, nothing needs, 8. Snakes, Butterflies (your bodies and your souls), that you will offer. 9. Consciousness comes from the light 10. from the firmament of the cosmos, 11. the stars and the lights of the sky are our parents, 12. I have taught them with the words of my mouth 13. and with the actions of my life 14. my message, 15. that men 16. and the stars are a unit 17. that this is our final destination.

Yancuic Teomoztli (Snail Book)

Words by Lili Marquez Robles

"All the Holy books are of divine origin. Every time those Precepts, that Law, those Commandments appear on Earth, they obey the need for an order in the space-time of humanity in which this event occurs. The content of those books are always the foundations that should govern our lives; that is why the background, the immanent, is the same in all, because the source from which its light emanates, is the same and is eternal. Its language is beautiful, because the verb is the divine breath that establishes the harmony between what is above and what is below, to make that correspondence in our own center and thus achieve the transformation of the "Being" and its ascension. That is the way back to the Spirit. But this “Precious” matter, to be delivered requires someone with such a high level of consciousness that he can receive in his heart the treasure that he in turn must transmit to his fellow man. They are the Prophets, humbly assuming the highest task to which they have been assigned. And the means used through the millennia for revelation to take place is reverie."

Lili Marquez Robles.

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